50 sentences for entrepreneurs

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1.Just do it

2. 99% of decisions aren’t permanent.

3. Be slow to hire and quick to fire.

4. Measure what you manage.

5. Competition isn’t as important as the customer.

6.95% of startups shouldn’t raise money.

7.Join a startup peer group.

8.The biggest challenge with growth is keeping everyone aligned.

9.Price differentiation doesn’t last long but customer service does.

10. Market timing is the most important factor for humerus.

11. Empower customers to help sell new customers.

12.Create the best environment you can for your team.

13. Asking good questions is more important than guessing the answer.

14. Build relationships before you need them.

15. Always consider the best alternative outcome before beginning a negotiation.

16. Consciously balance time working in the business vs working on the business.

17.You only get one first impression.

18. What you start out doing isn’t likely where you’ll find success.

19. Get the corporate culture right and everything will fall into place.

20. The best exit strategy is to not need one.

21. The biggest enemy of websites is the browser Back button.

22. Recurring revenue is the best form of revenue.

23. Don’t burn any bridges as it is a small world.

24.Build a niche brand and curate all aspects of it.

25. Pivoting and iterating is healthy in a startup.

26.Always ask for a discount.

27.Your idea isn’t unique.

28.Sharing your idea with others will lead to benefits you can’t predict.

29.Keep it as simple as possible.

30.People identify with companies more so than products.

31.It’s worth paying a professional (lawyer, accountant, etc) to do it right the first time.

32.Set goals and adapt to changing information.

33.Storytelling is more powerful than marketing.

34.Most startups initially price their product/service too low.

35.Make time to think.

36.Focus on rhythm, data, and priorities.

37.Develop offline analogies to describe your startup.

38.Companies aren’t just about profits.

39.Celebrate the small victories.

40.Play to your strengths.

41.Be opinionated about your product when considering customer suggestions.

42.Know why you’re different and clearly articulate it.

43.Don’t develop products in a vacuum.

44.Regularly communicate with employees, customers, investors, and the community.

45.Remove friction for all stakeholders.

46.Absent information people make up reasons.

47.It is difficult to concentrate on more than three things at any one time.

48.Employees are the most important stakeholder.

49.No plan is perfect.

50.Consume the startup but don’t let it consume you.


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