The preview of after shock

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A product of Xiaogang Feng.

The AFTER SHOCK directed by Xiaogang Feng, a famous director in China, several days ago, his another movie called AFTER SHOCK was previewed in Tangshan city in Hebei province which located next to the capital of China. The story is base on the book named AFTER SHOCK, telling us about the story happened in the year of 1976 the Great Shock in Tangshan, a mother lost her two children in the earthquake, but she only can choose one of them, but, she only chosen her baby boy, fortunately, the baby girl live miraculously, then the girl adopted by the PLA(People’s Liberation Army).

The most moving thing is, 32 years after, the whole families met each other, even though, there still was a big sad in their heart, meanwhile, people got into the sadness of the Great Shock.. The following is the previewed IMAX, just enjoy.

The Preview of AFTER SHOCK

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